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​5 Tips to Get the Most Wear Out of Your Baby Clothes

Although tiny, babies tend to be quite messy. Whether it is spit up, drool, or poop explosions, chances are you’re doing multiple laundry loads a week (or even per day!) and wondering how your baby’s adorable clothes will stand the test of time. Here are 5 tips to help keep your baby clothes lasting longer.

#1 – Consider quality

As parents, we all love a good deal, especially on babies’ clothes since we have to buy so much over a short period. However, one thing to consider when buying an item is its quality. Finding the balance between reasonable pricing and good quality is key. While buying discount clothing seems like a great idea in the short term, it will only be detrimental to your budget if an item runs its course after a few short weeks.

Look for good quality fabrics that are thick and offer a degree of stretchiness to allow room to grow. In addition, search for brands that have a reputation for making longer lasting clothes.

#2 – Use gentle fabric detergents, don’t over dry

Since you’re likely to wash your baby’s clothes frequently, opt for a gentle detergent that will prevent deterioration of the clothing’s fibers and keep the colors looking bright. If you use a dryer, set the temperature to medium. High heat tends to damage clothes faster and it ruins bright colors.

#3 – Use bibs

You can truly never have enough bibs! Since most babies will drool and spit up from time to time, one of the most efficient ways to keep clothes clean and stain free is by using bibs. There are so many cute and fashionable bibs on the market these days, such as a bandana bib, that you don’t have to settle for plain or unattractive ones. Instead, look for patterns and a selection of bright and neutral styles that will complement your baby’s outfits.

#4 – Act quickly to remove stains

The fresher a stain is when you attempt to remove it, the better luck you will have at eliminating it. When you’re on the go, have a pen-style stain removal product on hand so you can take care of stains right away. When at home, you can remove stains by rubbing the clothing item with a bar of soap and letting it soak in cold water for some time. This method is not only efficient but also gentle, which means you will get a lot more mileage out of your baby’s clothes, even if stains occur on a frequent basis.

#5 – Be a savvy shopper

If you use a few smart strategies when shopping for baby clothes, you will ensure your baby gets the most wear out of them. Consider:

  • How long your baby will wear the item – while slightly bigger clothes are not always ideal, buying items one size up will ensure your baby will wear them for a longer period. If you always buy the size that fits your baby perfectly, it won’t be long before the clothes become too small.
  • Buy 2 piece outfits – this will allow for greater versatility in your baby’s wardrobe. Not only will you be able to mix and match the items, but your baby is also more likely to wear the pieces longer. One-piece suits (such as onesies) are cute but they tend to get too small quickly. In addition, 2 piece outfits make for quick wardrobe changes when needed and can transition nicely from season to season.
  • Buy footless pajamas – Your baby will wear these types of pajamas much longer than the footed ones. Even when pajamas start to be a bit short, there is nothing a good pair of socks can’t cover!
  • Buy a few gender-neutral pieces – If you’re planning to have more children, having gender neutral clothes will allow you to use them again in the future. Items such as jeans and socks can easily be used for either gender.