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Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Fall is certainly in the air, the leaves are changing and the breezes are crisp, before you know it Halloween will be upon us and we will have those little kiddos running around asking for candy and treats. What are you going to dress your kids as? Are you in need of an inexpensive but cute Halloween costume, maybe one you can make at home with ease? Please read on…

Babies – Birth-12 months:


  • Yummy cupcake – this is a super cute costume that can be altered to fit your personality. A little poster board, cotton stuffing, construction paper, and glue. Simple and affordable.
  • Lego Block/Mega Block – this is a super easy costume, colored sweat suit matched with a cardboard box, Styrofoam bowls and paint. You could complete this costume in under an hour if you wanted to.

School Age:

  • Crazy cat lady – complete this costume with a robe, curlers in your hair and a whole bunch of stuffed cats
  • A shadow – just think black everything, simple and easy. Just be careful to practice safety if trick or treat is at night so as to protect your school age kiddos from danger.


  • An identity thief – Bring a laugh to Trick or Treat this year but take “Hello my name is…” stickers and placing them all around a T-shirt, giving your pre-teen a funny and unique costume.
  • A cactus – find yourself a green sweat suit, then you can use straws or white pipe cleaners randomly stuck through the sweat suit or glued on to give you the look of a prickly cactus.


  • Jake from State Farm – I don’t think there is an easier costume out there, khaki pants and a red button down shirt, complete with a Jake name tag and you have a hilarious costume for your teen.
  • The chef from Ratatouille – easy and quick, this makes a great last minute costume. Find a white chef hat and chef jacket, complete the look with a wooden spoon and a Rat on the shoulder.

Family Themes – You can have a lot of fun when you dress the whole family up in costumes. Take some of our themes or make your own, have fun with it and get everyone involved, even Fido.

  • Pirates
  • Frozen
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Minions