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How to Take Your Baby to Disney World

I Love Disney World! It’s one of my favorite things about living in Florida. Even before my husband and I were pregnant, we talked about when the right time to take our future children to the park for the first time would be. We decided it would be something like age five, once he would maybe be old enough to remember some of it and recognize some of the characters from his favorite movies. But it wasn’t long after he was born that I realized I was the one who couldn’t wait another five years to go back to my favorite place on earth. And that’s how we came to the decision to take our four-month-old to Disney World.

I have to say, it’s actually so much more common than you might think. The park was full of babies! And with a little extra preparation, the experience went smoothly and we had tons of fun. So, here are my tips for making your trip to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Pack Well

We drive to Disney World, so it’s easy to pack everything we might ever need in the Tahoe and go, but if you are travelling by plane, you might have to be choosier about what you bring. I recommend making a list of exactly what you need so that you are not grabbing too much of anything.

Some items you may want to add to your list:

  • A hat
  • Baby sunscreen
  • Swimming diapers
  • A clip-on fan for the stroller (it’s humid in Orlando!)
  • A baby sling or papoose

But you don’t need to bring everything. Orlando is used to being a tourist destination – you can rent a stroller from any number of places (even the fancy brand you might be used to at home) and all of the Disney Resorts can provide items like a Pack and Play for you. Call ahead to see if where you are staying has laundry facilities or service – sometimes the cost of doing laundry is less than the cost to pack twice as much on the plane.

Another recommendation is to bring drool bibs. It is much easier to bring three drool bibs into the park and switch them out throughout the day, rather than having to change full outfits three times because of drool.

But, anything you forget, you can purchase in the park, from diapers, to binkies, to baby food.

Stay on Site

Nothing beats being able to take your stroller straight from your hotel onto the monorail and into the park. The Contemporary, the Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian all have monorail stops at the hotel and go straight to the Magic Kingdom.

And again, Disney resorts will go to great lengths to get you whatever it is that you need, which is going to make your trip so much more stress free. When we showed up before check-in and it was time to nurse, they closed off a bellman’s closet for me in the lobby so my baby didn’t have to wait another minute!

Plan Your Day

Disney really make this easy now with their Magic Bands. Using their “My Disney Experience” app, you can set up your Fast Passes for up to 3 rides during each day in the park. This allows you to skip the line and get right on your favorite rides without the wait.

If there is anything you really don’t want to miss out on, do it early – you never know when baby might be ready to be done for the day, so make sure you don’t wait on the experiences you wouldn’t want to miss. We recommend getting there as the park opens. And then definitely take advantage of the rider exchange, where one member of your party can wait through the line and get a return ticket that allows another rider to go back right after and ride without the wait.

Of course, another great thing about Disney World is that many of the rides do not have any height or age requirements. It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, The Haunted Mansion and many more of the rides allow you to ride with your baby in your lap. You really do not have to miss out on anything just because you have a baby!

Take Advantage of the Baby Care Center

Each of the Disney parks has a Baby Care Center in it. In the Magic Kingdom, for example, it is located just off of Main Street near the First Aid Station. Inside is a room with 5 changing tables, a room with rocking chairs for nursing, a kitchen, a family lounge for Dad and siblings, and an attendant who can help you with anything you might need. And more importantly, there is plenty of air conditioning!

Overall, the whole experience was a lot easier than I had anticipated. We were in the park for almost 9 hours before our son decided he was ready to go. And there were plenty of parents there with younger kids as well. I met a woman in the Baby Center who was there with her one-month old! So don’t put your trip on hold! Disney World really is family fun for everyone!