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Tips To Remember When Taking Your Baby Out To Eat for the First Time

For first time parents the prospect of taking their precious newborn out for their first family restaurant dinner experience can be an intimidating proposition filled with what seems like an infinite number of “what if” scenarios to consider.

To be perfectly honest, there is certainly ample opportunity for your little bundle of joy to disrupt your idea of a peaceful dinner. While there’s no way to guarantee with 100% certainly that things will go off without a hitch, here are a few essential tips that you’ll definitely want to remember when taking your baby out to eat for the first time.

Timing Is Everything

Nine out of ten times, the screaming baby spectacle can be avoided with a little planning and forethought. You want to time your dinner so that you arrive at the restaurant as soon as possible after your child’s last feeding.

Most of the time this will result in baby sleeping through the meal so you and your significant other can enjoy a peaceful meal with good conversation.

Taking a hungry baby out in public is just asking for trouble. Trust me, I’ve done it and it isn’t fun!

Get Organized

Make sure to pack a bag full of anything and everything you might need while out and about. Spare diapers, bibs, a few toys, pacifiers (make sure to have more than one in case baby drops one on the floor, which will happen), drool bibs, wipes, nursing sling and a spare change of clothes for baby are all things you’ll likely want to pack and take with you.

There’s nothing worse as a new parent than being away from home and not having what you need to properly care for your baby.

Taking your baby out to eat for the first time doesn’t have to be such a daunting thought. With a little thought, timing and organization your baby will enjoy their first time out to dinner with their family.

And, most importantly, you will enjoy the experience too!