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How to Take Your Baby to Disney World

I Love Disney World! It’s one of my favorite things about living in Florida. Even before my husband and I were pregnant, we talked about when the right time to take our future children to the park for the first time would be. We decided it wou
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Get Baby Ready to Go to the Babysitter

With school getting ready to start, it means many teacher parents are getting ready to go back to work as well. And that may mean getting baby ready to go to a regular babysitter for the first time. Here are a few helpful tips for making the tra
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How to Burp Your Baby

Whether you breastfeed or formula-feed your baby, at some point they are going to need to be burped. Babies take in too much air and this causes them to spit up milk. In order to burp your baby effectively and efficiently, take note of the followi
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