BandoBib Infinity Scarf Bib: Wavy Lines & Hearts

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  • Trendy alternative to other drool bibs
  • Absorbent 100% double-layer cotton
  • Snap closure to make dressing and undressing a breeze!
  • Provides extra warmth during cool weather
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for ages 3 months to 2 years

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Kelley K

These bibs are SO cute and stylish on my little man! I really like the scarf look over the handkerchief or normal bib design. My LO spits up A LOT. I usually go through 2-3 bibs a day. This bib lasted all day, once I figured out how to lay it. The first couple times I used this bib, I just snapped it around his neck, and went about my day. The first time he spit up, it down the inside of the bib and the onesie. I found the trick that you have to unscrunch the bib, and have the inside lay a certain way in order for spit up to not get on him. He's not eating solid food yet, so not sure how it holds up to that. 4/5 stars because this busy momma doesn't have the time to meticulously lay a bib, but these are too cute!

Great Alternative to toddler face mask

I actually purchased as a alternative face mask for my toddler, works well and provides adjustable fit.

Great scarf/bib

Love them, thick enough to where they aren’t too bulky! Fits my almost 1 year old nicely. And they are cute!

P Davies
A bit expensive

These are a little bit expensive for what they are. They are quite thin but good for dribbly babies. They look better than a normal bib and don't get in the way when they are playing so I like the design.

They wash well and dry quickly.

Great choice if your kid hates scarves- just don't button it up all the way!

My two year old absolutely refuses to wear scarves. He hates having anything around his neck and heaven forbid it cover his chin or mouth! These are great because, if I don't button them up all the way, he doesn't get that claustrophobic feeling that comes with wearing a tube scarf. It hangs loose enough that it is comfortable for him, while still blocking the wind from his neck. Win win.
The colors are vibrant but faded significantly after the first wash. They resemble the drool bibs that we used when he was younger (and are about as thick), but keep him warm enough! Will be using these until he gets used to thicker/more restricting scarves.