Alina Powell

Alina Powell is the Marketing Intern for the Bazzle Baby brand. She helps the team across various platforms while learning about effective marketing communications and analytics. 

Alina is an undergraduate student at the University of North Florida. She is graduating in July 2021, having a Marketing degree with Honors Designation and Digital Marketing & Analytics minor. She is passionate about marketing strategies and effective communications that connect customers with sustainable brands whose products and services bring the value that customers seek.

After babysitting and watching her newborn nephew grow, Alina decided that she wants to learn everything about babies and happy parenting before she and her husband will be ready to have kids on their own. Her love for babies and devotion to being a mother one day, motivates her to support innovative brands like Bazzle Baby. She hopes to communicate the company values to parents who are searching to find the best products to help them navigate parenthood.