How to Swaddle using your Bazzle Baby Forever Swaddle

Why swaddle? 

Swaddling is ideal for calming babies and helping them fall asleep. It is one of the first things they teach you after your baby is born, which can feel overwhelming with everything else you are experiencing on this new journey into parenthood.

Swaddling reminds baby of the safety & security of that precious time he or she spent in mom's belly. It keeps them snug and warm and prevents the sleep interruption from sharp reflex movements of their arms or legs. 

how to swaddle your bazzle baby swaddle

After a few practices, you will learn which swaddle technique works best for you and your baby. You will also find the type of swaddle blanket you prefer for your little one. The Bazzle Baby Forever Swaddle is super soft, stretchy and breathable, so your baby can fall asleep (and stay asleep) which hopefully means some rest for you as well! Our Forever Swaddle Sets offer this super soft blanket paired with a matching hat for ultimate comfort and warmth.