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Sage & Ivory Infinity Scarf BandoBib with Fleece


  • Trendy alternative to other drool bibs
  • Absorbent 100% double-layer cotton
  • Snap closure to make dressing and undressing a breeze!
  • Provides extra warmth during cool weather
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for ages 3 months to 2 years

    Customer Reviews

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    Thumbs up

    These unisex , pack of 2 bibs are really great.
They stop droll getting on my babies clothes and neck which can then cause a horrible, sore rash.
They are so soft against the skin.
They Wash and dry well.
Not only are they designed really nicely but they work well also.
5 stars and Highly recommended.

    Great to stop milk getting into creases in babies neck

    Really cute. They are great fabric and work well. The actually work better than traditional bibs as they catch the milk before it can get into the creases in babies necks - avoids that nasty smell if you forget / can’t clean those creases well enough. Button snaps to close so easy to wear. Can last babies a long time as you don’t need to have all buttons closed. Strong enough snap so baby can’t yank it off itself too.

    Very comfortable

    Those two bib are great. Feels soft and very comfortable. It is washing washable. Lovely patterns on them.
I was a bit concerned smaller babies could be suffocated from them, but they are breathable and I will still take them off if babies are sleeping, just in case.

    Stylish bib

    I’ve never seen bibs like this before, they’re like a combination of bibs, scarves and bandanas. They look great on my son, they’re quite stylish looking. They’re great for putting on before a trip out, as they simply look like a trendy accessory. Then when they need a bib you don’t have to go searching around in your bag for one. They’re great quality and easy to wash. At 14.99 for two I think they’re reasonably priced too.

    Stylish, comfy, and easily cleaned

    Loving these trendy looking bibs. Not sure they'd fit a well fed three year old, but ideal for babies and toddlers. They wash really well. Lovely material. Most impressed.

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