Teething Mitten


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Teething pain got your baby in the dumps? Provide safe and natural teething pain relief with the Chew Mitt! Your baby will love the nubby texture and crinkly mitt and they will always have relief at hand.
  • Natural Teething Pain Relief
  • BPA Free Plastic Teether
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Crinkly Mitt for Added Stimulation
  • Textured Teething Surface
  • Velcro Closure
  • Machine Washable

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Customer Reviews

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Yvonne Rodriguez
Love the teething mitten!

This teething mitten is a must have! It clings to the baby's hand so keeps it clean, relieves the teething pain and keeps the baby busy. It is like having a toy at your fingertips! Love it!

Logan Carter

I bought this after someone had gifted me some other Bazzle products...and I really love it. It's perfect for natural pain relief and it gives me peace of mind knowing that it's not crazy dirty from being all over the floor -- it's fastened to her hand! It also keeps her entertained with the crinkly sound and texture it has.