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GoBib Travel Feeding Bib


The new GoBib is the perfect accessory for the baby on the go! This innovative bib has a built-in bag for containing messes - just flip it inside out and you're ready to go!

  • Clips or hangs on stroller, diaper bag or lunchbox
  • Adjustable velcro closure ensures the perfect fit
  • Soak proof and easy to wipe clean
  • Large pocket to catch messes
  • Folds into itself for easy portability
  • Reusable/machine washable
  • Patent pending design

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I Love it!!

This is such a wonderful innovative bib creation! I’m beyond thrilled that I found this bib, it’s the perfect travel bib! No more messy, dirty, wet bibs getting on everything!

I freaking love this bib!

I’m kind of a bib junky, and this is hands down my all time favorite bib! We always have one with us on-the-go. I even leave an extra one in the car, just in case. I love that you can easily wipe it off with a baby wipe, and pack it back up. No messy dirty bibs smelling up the diaper bag! No set in stains to fight with! It’s genius! In fact, my son puked while we were out at dinner last week and I was able to catch it all in the bib. And nothing soaked through! I cleaned it off in the bathroom, and went right back to dinner. #winning

Logan Carter

This thing is so genius, I don't know how no one has thought of it before. Traveling with a baby isn't easy, but this sure does help. Velcro the bib around your baby's neck and let them go to town on their messy baby food! The bib will catch it at the bottom pocket and won't let anything get through to clothes underneath. Roll it up into a ball and clip it to your stroller and you can worry about it later. It's also perfect for meals at home!

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