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Yellow Tiny Chevron Clip on GoBlanket

  • 4 integrated clips
  • Soft and absorbent cotton front / Fuzzy fleece back
  • Machine washable
  • Stroller size

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This is so handy and quite versitle, it is also a nice size and the easy care makes it a perfect gift.

Great solution for keeping blanket in place

Love this baby blanket! We’re expecting our 2nd during the cool months of SD and having gone through this before, know that a blanket is definitely needed for outdoor walks.

It seems like it should be simple enough to place a blanket on baby and go, and maybe it was just our daughter but we were CONSTANTLY struggling with getting blankets to stay on her. We’d swaddle her, tuck the blanket under her, try and tie the ends to her car seat to hold it in place - but she’d manage to kick it off every single time within minutes.

Already tried this out with the travel system we’ll be using for our baby and it seems very secure. The blanket is also very soft and cuddly. Definitely something we wish we had when our daughter was younger!

Really Handy

Love the clips. They cut the worry about the blanket flowing off during a walk/stroll/ride. It seems to stay on with a bit of wind, so I think this is a reliable option if you want to not worry about blanket dropping off or having to roll your baby up over and over to keep it to stay on. It shields well on its own.

Super soft!

Absolutely love the material and its softness!! Highly recommended!

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