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New Partnership Enhances Product Development & Supply Chain for Bazzle Baby

March 09, 2020

New Partnership Enhances Product Development & Supply Chain for Bazzle Baby

Forbes article featuring Bazzle Baby's supply chain partnership with Succhi Inc. to reduce turnaround times for new products as well as lead times for established products. 

Suuchi Inc. established the beachhead for their Americas-based supply chain platform that manages design through logistics through their revolutionary supply chain software. Now another company is taking advantage of what Suuchi developed. Bazzle Baby, a designer baby accessories and lifestyle brand, has announced a multi-year partnership with Suuchi to leverage their proprietary software in establishing their own western hemisphere supply chain.

I wrote last April about the supply chain management breakthroughs that enabled Suuchi Inc., to successfully locate its garment production in the Americas. The backbone of the company, which has enabled their exponential growth, is their proprietary software called the Suuchi GRID, developed by CEO and Founder, Suuchi Ramesh. Ramesh is an immigrant from India with a family manufacturing background, and both schooling and prior work experience in predictive analytics. Born out of the foresight that the fashion industry was rapidly falling behind in a digital world, Ramesh saw the opportunity to revolutionize the industry’s supply chain. The GRID is a cloud-based software platform that provides end-to-end visibility from design to distribution with dashboards to streamline communication, receive minute-to-minute updates, and pull data analytics straight from any component of the supply chain to empower a brand to make smarter business decisions. At the time, Ramesh commented, “The complexity of the network drove us to develop next generation software. We’ve integrated the data flows from our customers right to our team members. Tech is the backbone – without it, we couldn’t have scaled.” You can read the whole story here.

Bazzle Baby is a Florida-based lifestyle brand creating fashionable and functional baby accessories focused on style and convenience for the modern family. The company was born by introducing the first bandana bib to the United States in 2006 when a mom was determined to find a solution to keep her drooling baby dry. Owned by MAD Product Innovations, the team has expanded and provides a complete line of baby products distributed through mass retailers and specialty stores across the U.S. and Canada, as well as online. To boost their growth and better serve those markets, Bazzle Baby recognized a need to extend and expand their existing supply chain into the Americas, which drove a need for data-based analysis and solutions similar to what Suuchi had encountered in her business. Toward that end, Bazzle Baby has established a multi-year partnership with Suuchi Inc., to team up on their American production strategy by using the Suuchi GRID bringing complete visibility and analytics to the process.

In addition to the software, Suuchi provides brands and retailers access to its network of over 400 factories and over 200 textile mills and freelancers. The combination offers complete supply chain solutions along with real-time updates and analytics for all parts of the supply chain, including sourcing, design, manufacturing and distribution.

The main drivers for Bazzle Baby initially were to shorten their supply chains for American customers, while also mitigating the risks of having a primarily overseas supply chain. By digitizing much of that work, the Suuchi GRID also offers other benefits. Turnaround times for new products will be reduced, as will lead times for established products. New product execution risks and costs will be minimized too, as will minimum order quantities and required product inventories.

The Bazzle Baby team is understandably eager to get the partnership rolling. “We are excited to partner with Suuchi through this next chapter of growth,” said Michaelene Cadiz, CEO of Bazzle Baby. “The GRID will provide a single source of truth across both our internal teams, and stakeholders, and provide real-time visibility into our supply chain. Suuchi’s internal team of experts provides the strategic thought-leadership we need to scale our brand, and will allow our team to focus on strengthening our e-commerce presence.”

The Suuchi team is also excited about the new collaboration. “We are thrilled and privileged to be working with Michaelene and her team at MAD Product Innovations,” said Ramesh. “We are impressed with their mission statement, and growth record. Suuchi looks forward to providing a scalable solution to the company’s technology and supply chain needs.”

The partnership is another step in the goals Ramesh told me about for last year’s article. At the time she had speculated about branching out into other industries with her software, and to have a greater influence in the business and political worlds. And there was this as well: “We want to be a voice for immigrants, for minorities, and for technology leaders of all ages.” It looks like she’s on the right track there.

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