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Our Story

Bazzle Baby is a designer baby accessory and lifestyle brand that creates products to help the modern family navigate the major milestones in children's lives. We truly value the gift of time, and our carefully curated line of stylish solutions for sleeping, teething, and feeding are designed to make parent’s lives easier. Bazzle Baby products help celebrate every milestone and give more time to enjoy all of life’s little moments. 

The Bazzle Baby brand was born by introducing the first bandana drool bib to the United States in 2006, when a mom was frustrated about keeping her drooly baby dry. Today, Bazzle Baby’s products can be found at mass-retailers, specialty stores and online across the nation.

For the moments that matter

We believe life's little moments, are the biggest moments. We believe functional can be fun, and style knows no age. We believe the products you bring home matter; that quality should be affordable and safety shouldn't sacrifice style. We believe in more time for laughs, and more time for adventure. We believe in long mornings and peaceful nights. We believe in the gift of time. We know "it takes a village" and at Bazzle Baby, we believe the best village comes from all shapes and forms. And most of all, we believe a commitment to innovation leads to more time for life's big moments.


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