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Our Story

The inspiration of combining fashion and function to simplify parenthood has been at the core of every product the Bazzle Baby team creates. The brand was born by a mom determined to find a stylish solution for her drooly baby. She went to work (literally) cutting and sewing the first bandana bib for the United States market.

From introducing the first bandana bib, to developing a complete line of baby products, it is Bazzle Baby’s mission to create products that empower families to navigate and celebrate the major milestones in their little one’s lives. We work with passion and are proud to stand behind a brand that celebrates diversity and continues to redefine the standard definition of the modern family. 

Michaelene Cadiz, Founder and CEO of the Bazzle Baby brand, is a Hispanic, LGBTQ, female business owner who has taken her experience both professionally and personally to become a successful business entrepreneur and mentor. This influence is evident in the DNA of Bazzle Baby, whether it be the cultural inspiration in new product design, or the diversity within our models and families that we highlight in our campaigns. It is imperative that we continue to push the needle and reflect the times at hand – constantly evolving, learning, and growing with our customers who we are proud to call our Bazzle Baby fam. 

For the moments that matter

We believe life's little moments, are the biggest moments. We believe functional can be fun, and style knows no age. We believe the products you bring home matter; that quality should be affordable and safety shouldn't sacrifice style. We believe in more time for laughs, and more time for adventure. We believe in long mornings and peaceful nights. We believe in the gift of time. We know "it takes a village" and at Bazzle Baby, we believe the best village comes from all shapes and forms. And most of all, we believe a commitment to innovation leads to more time for life's big moments.


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