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4 Ways to Have a Baby-Friendly (and Fun) Fourth of July

July 03, 2019

4 Ways to Have a Baby-Friendly (and Fun) Fourth of July

The 4th of July holiday is rapidly approaching and adding your new plus one (or two) to your celebration plans - can be tricky!  This holiday allows opportunity to gather together with family outdoors and enjoy the warm weather! With large crowds, scorching heat and spectacular firework displays - you will want to make sure you have a few tips to make this holiday enjoyable for your new baby!

Here are a few Bazzle Baby tips that we recommend in order to get through the holiday with a happy and safe baby:

Avoid Bug Bites

The unfortunate thing about the summertime is that insects that bite - are typically at its peak. Not only can bug bites be bad for baby, but these bites can also pass on diseases.  According to the The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you do not use insect repellent on babies that are two months or younger.  If your baby is under the age of two months, Bazzle Baby recommends that you drape a bug shield net over the carrier keep some of the worst disease carriers at bay. 

Bug Net

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Travel Bibs to Keep Baby Dry

Keep baby clean with the Bazzle Baby Travel GoBib! It is the perfect family outing necessity meant to catch spills, drips, and solid foods that slip away when your child is eating. Crumb catcher pouch in front helps catch bits and pieces from getting on your child’s clothes. These reusable bibs are soak proof and easy to wipe clean!

Protection from the Sun

Sunscreen is OK to use on babies older than 6 months. Younger babies should use other forms of sun protection such keeping baby in the shade using a baby tent or an umbrella along with a hat. Babies who are over six months should wear heavy amounts of sunscreen that contains zinc to reduce skin irritation. This should be reapplied every two hours and it is recommended to be outside for no longer than four hours to keep baby from overheating.  

Baby Tent

Keep Firework Blasts Away!

Fireworks are typically the main attraction when celebrating the  4th of July! It's important to ensure that you are keeping your baby at a distance when attending a firework show. The loud popping noises are not good for babies’ developing ears and you risk your baby inhaling the fumes from after the fireworks deploy. Fireworks typically scare babies, so keep your distance and at the very least, allow your baby to watch the fireworks from a baby friendly location! If the loud noises are not avoidable, you can check out noise cancelling ear muffs.

Ear Muffs

We hope these tips will help you and your family have a safe and fun 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

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