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6 Signs Your Baby is Teething

July 16, 2020

6 Signs Your Baby is Teething

Even though most babies will be fussy and irritable when teething, it is an exciting milestone in their development. Memories of those first two teeth and the smile that shows them off, is something that will leave lasting memories and THE most adorable photos.

Teething signs typically show up a month or two before the first tooth appears, and there are signs you can look for to know when that first tooth is near. Here are the top 6 signs your baby is teething. 

  1. Increased Fussiness

As you can imagine, it can be painful when those little teeth rise closer to the surface. Baby’s gums may become sore which leads to increased fussiness and crying.

  1.  So. Much. Drool!

Around 4 months of age, you might notice that your baby is starting to drool which is stimulated by their incoming teeth. As you know, every child is different so some babies may drool a lot (I mean a LOT) more than others.

Drool from teething doesn’t stand a chance with the Bazzle Baby Bandana Bib Teether for germ-free pain relief that is within arm’s reach for your little one.

  • Natural teething pain relief
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  1. Pulling at Ears

It might look as though your little one has an earache, but the pain in their gums can spread to the ears and cheeks. If the ear pulling is accompanied by a fever, check with your pediatrician to make sure it is not an ear infection or something else.

  1. Putting EVERYTHING in their mouth

A teething baby will typically put just about anything in their mouth. Chewing makes them feel better by helping to relieve pressure on their gums.

This Bazzle Baby Teething Mitt provides safe and natural teething pain relief with a BPA free, bacteria resistant silicone teether. Your baby will love the mixed nubby textures and crinkly mitt for added cognitive stimulation and entertainment. It features a secure velcro strap to grow with your baby and prevent sliding or pulling off with self-relief at hand to help avoid chapping, spreading bacteria, and scratching.

  • Natural teething pain relief
  • BPA-free plastic teether
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Crinkly mitt for added stimulation
  • Velcro closure
  1. Cold-like Symptoms

Some babies may experience low-grade fevers, runny noses, or coughing while teething.  Notify your pediatrician if baby’s temperature rises above 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Sleep Regression

You’ve finally reached the point where baby sleeps through the night, Hallelujah! Now, all the sudden your child is waking up crying or fussing. No need to worry, it’s likely due to teething or a growth spurt, this is just temporary.

You got this mama! xoxo

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