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8 Simple and Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Memorial Day

May 12, 2020

8 Simple and Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Memorial Day

For many, Memorial Day feels like the beginning of Summer and is usually marked with long-weekend trips with the family. With everything being put on-hold due to COVID-19 and social distancing, things will most likely look a little different this year. 

It is easy to get caught up in the vacations, barbeques, and parties but it’s important to teach your children the true meaning of Memorial Day. This is an awesome learning opportunity and time to honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country while serving in the armed forces.

Here are eight fun and simple ways you can teach your kids about Memorial Day while you stay home.

  1. Have your kids make an American flag and teach them what it represents

All you need is some construction paper, crayons/markers, stapler, and straws. Have a visual to help guide your kids in drawing their best American flag. Teach your kids the history of the American flag and reason behind the 13 stripes and why the colors are red, white and blue. Once they have their flags on paper, staple them to a straw and get them ready for flying!

  1. Send a care package to soldiers

This is a great way to get your kids involved in community support and teach them the importance of giving back. Nonprofits like Operation Gratitude have an ongoing need to fill care packages with entertainment, comfort, and hygiene items for troops, veterans and first responders. Visit the Operation Gratitude wish list for a printable wish list including “handmade with love” items that you can make as a family.

  1. Take an RV trip and bring educational books along!

With National parks starting to reopen, it provides an opportunity for your family to social distance somewhere other than the house, which could be a nice change in scenery for most!  Taking long road trips and time away from the TV offers time for more mind-stimulating activities like reading books. Outside of understanding the facts of the holiday, kids may relate to the meaning of Memorial Day by reading stories. Here are 10 great books that help share the meaning of Memorial Day.

With cooler weather still in most Northern states, make sure to pack warm accessories for kids like the BandoBib, an infinity scarf bib that can transition from a scarf bib to a face covering during instances where you might find it hard to keep your social distance while traveling.

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  1. Sing (or just listen) to patriotic songs

Visit your favorite music site to find a collection of songs that will have the whole family bursting with American pride! Use sites that offer lyrics to the songs to participate in some fun patriotic family karaoke.  

  1. Make an American-themed dessert with your kids help

Who doesn’t love an excuse for a sweet treat? Red, white, and blue desserts are a delicious way to kick off your summer while at home. Here are  26 Memorial Day Desserts perfect for backyard barbeques.

Kids love getting involved but they can be messy! The Bazzle Baby folding bib makes clean up simple. It features a pocket to catch messes and is soak-free to keep your little one’s clothing from getting dirty.

  1. Create patriotic sidewalk chalk art

Let the kids get creative with the red, white, and blue chalk. Have them draw a picture to celebrate the holiday or write quotes or thanks to honor our veterans.

  1. Take a moment of silence

The National Moment of Remembrance will be participated by people all over the country. No matter where you live, take a moment of silence at 3pm local time. For at least 1 minute, take the opportunity for you and your family to send respect and love to active soldiers, veterans, and the many men and women who died serving our country.

  1. Watch the Memorial Day concert

With almost the entire Country practicing social distancing and staying home, a traditional concert hasn’t been something we’ve been able to enjoy for the past few months. Lucky for us, each year PBS hosts a concert the Sunday before Memorial Day. This year’s concert features musical performances and dramatic readings that honor the military service of all men and women in uniform.


As many of us parents have transitioned into being our children’s teachers during the Coronavirus, we hope these ideas are helpful in educating your little ones about Memorial Day while social distancing.


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