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Are Playdates Safe During Coronavirus?

July 13, 2020

Are Playdates Safe During Coronavirus?

One question we are asking ourselves, along with the 267 others during COVID-19 quarantine, is when can kids can play together again? Being stuck in the house the past few months is causing many kids (and parents) to go stir-crazy and miss social interactions with friends.  

Now more than ever, parents are faced with hard decisions about what children can and cannot do. With no official guidelines and states operating differently in every part of the country, there is no easy answer.

It is important to continue to look to the expert’s advice and follow your instincts and comfort levels with the families you chose to be around. Have open communication with families about the precautions they are taking and how they are explaining about the Coronavirus to their children. It is helpful if both families are relaying similar information to ensure the same rules and guidelines are in place.

Here are the best tips we have received from experts:

  • Socialize outdoors
  • Keep groups small
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Sanitize hands, toys, and shared surfaces
  • Wear face coverings

Being stuck in the house the past few months will make this time outside with friends even more special. Organize a day at the park to for some much-needed social interaction and release kids’ energy (because we know they have a lot of it!). Remember to enforce handwashing, hand sanitizer, safe distances, and the use of face masks.

If you don’t have a facemask for you and your little one, check out Bazzle Baby Handmade Face Masks for the whole family! If you are worried about your child removing the mask, the Bazzle Baby Infinity Scarf Bib  sits close to baby’s chin all day and can easily transition from a scarf to a mask.  

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Finally, it is important to remember that every parenting style is different. You should remain mindful in respecting differences in opinion as some parents are more restrictive than others. Things will get back to normal soon (we hope!).

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