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Back to the Basics: 5 Summer Activities We Enjoyed As Kids

July 01, 2020

Back to the Basics: 5 Summer Activities We Enjoyed As Kids

School’s (still) out! With the coronavirus pandemic, many summer camps and activities have been canceled. Lucky for us, Summer brings great weather and the opportunity to "get back to the basics." This is the perfect opportunity to have your kids experience the simple things we used to enjoy as kids. Here are 5 fun at-home summer activities to enjoy inside and outside of the house.

  1. Create a Backyard Waterpark

Do you remember how much entertainment a sprinkler or water hose could provide? Get out all of the buckets, tarps, and water toys and get your kids involved in constructing their own waterpark!

  1. Build a fort

This doesn’t require any crazy supplies and can keep kids occupied for hours! After the fort is built, you can enjoy it as a family with snacks, games and movies. So, grab your pj’s, blankets, and pillows and get to building!

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  1. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

No need to travel with this activity, you can create one in your home or backyard. Make a list of items around your house that you want your little ones to find and see who can find them first. You can even add and extra twist with getting them to draw what they see, too. This adds art into the day, plus, it will make the hunt last longer!

  1. Teach Cooking Skills

This activity includes a teaching element to develop their skills and leave lasting memories. Choose a favorite food and make it with your child. Teach them how to measure ingredients and read directions. They will feel proud eating the finished product.

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  1. Plan a Game Day

Rainy summer day? Create a day of games that encourage working as a team and bonding as a family. Bring back the old classics like hide and seek, truth or dare, red light green light, and red rover. Game day is guaranteed to be filled with laughter. 

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