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Dad’s Guide to Celebrating Mom’s First Mother's Day

May 07, 2019

Dad’s Guide to Celebrating Mom’s First Mother's Day

Let’s face it dads, for the bulk of your life, you’ve learned what your mom does and doesn’t like for Mother’s Day. But this year, things have changed and you have a new mother in your life that you must show your appreciation for. The addition of your new baby has made your own partner a mother, and since your baby won’t have any bit of understanding of this celebration for years to come, it's all up to you. This is the time of year where you get to show that you appreciate all that she does in caring for the new baby. Here are a few things to remember as you approach your special lady’s first Mother’s Day, one to remember:

Keep Your Ears Open for Clues

Remember when you were a kid and your dad would come home with a kitchen or home appliance for your mom on Mother’s Day? You may or may not have seen the reaction, but I’m sure you don’t remember that gift being a winner. You may have even heard mom make a subtle reference under her breath to using the appliance just to create more meals for the family or for additional housework. As the holiday draws closer, pay attention to little hints that your significant lady drops. Usually these are references to things she’d like to have, and they’re rarely household appliances or anything that would be used for cleaning up the home. She may rave about a new pair of earrings, a desire for a massage or even something as simple as needing some time out of the home, since she has spent months at home tending to the new baby. This is your chance to not only show that you understand her, but also that you listen.

Keep It Sweet

Worried about spending too much money? You are in luck! Mother's Day isn't really about expensive lavish presents (unless she’s into that!). The day is simply about making your woman feel appreciated for her job as “mommy.” Very similar to Valentine's Day, think about simple gestures like her favorite flowers, candies or even a card with a handwritten message. These might be simple, but can mean the world. Don't forget to let baby sign the card too - scribbles are completely okay and cute! You will get bonus points if you have baby put their own little hand stamp on the card.

Make Your New Baby the Focus

New mom’s love gifts that they can love and cherish forever - most times it's something that might require a little creativity on your part. Consider preserving baby's hand-prints or footprints with a homemade hanging plaque. Or maybe you can stick an adorable mommy-baby photo in a personalized frame and have it engraved with “Mommy’s First Mother's Day.” A Mother’s Day necklace with your baby’s name or picture is also a great gift that mommy can have and hold for the rest of her life! No matter what the gift, keep your new baby a part of it and your gift will surely be a hit!

It goes without saying that Mother’s Day is a very important occasion to making your partners first Mother's Day memorable, and will lay the foundation for years to come. This is just one of the many opportunities that you have to show that you appreciate her for being a great mom. And just think...Father's Day is right around the corner. So don’t forget to block your calendar, new dads!

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