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Guide to Celebrating Easter At Home

April 07, 2020

Guide to Celebrating Easter At Home

This is not how any of us planned on spending our Easter Holiday, or the past few weeks for that matter. We are used to large gatherings filled with Easter baskets, egg hunts and meals with the whole family. Instead of letting the current situation get you down, we have put together a list of eggselent activities to celebrate Easter this year from a social distance.

Virtual Story Time

A lot of kids are missing time with their grandparents as we do our part to keep them safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Take this holiday as an opportunity to connect with grandparents or other family members with virtual story time. Schedule a time with loved ones to connect virtually and snuggle up with your little ones on the couch for a reading from their favorite people. You can have this include stories about Easter or Spring poems. This gives you a much needed break and allows your kids to see the ones they love from a safe social distance.

Spring Coloring Contest

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? You can also use this time to get the neighborhood kids involved and host a virtual or social media contest to see which coloring gets the most votes! The winner can receive some Easter candy or gift basket.  There are tons of printable coloring sheets online to choose from!

Easter Desert Decorating

Kids love the opportunity to be creative and show off their work. Letting them take over the Easter desert by giving them the freedom to decorate a cake or cupcakes will teach them how to work as a team and be proud of something they’ve created that will contribute to your special holiday meal. Look to Pinterest for easy last-minute DIY ideas and inspiration!

Bazzle Baby Product Spotlight:

The Bazzle Baby GoBib is the perfect feeding accessory and a must-have for messy cooking, crafts & mealtimes! This innovative bib has a built-in pocket to catch food & easily folds all the mess into a ball for easy clean-up.

Feeding Bib with Pocket

  • Adjustable velcro to grow with baby
  • Soak proof and easy to wipe clean
  • Large pocket to catch mess
  • Folds into itself for easy clean-up & portability
  • Machine washable

Easter Egg-ercises

Looking for ways to get your little one’s energy out and work up an appetite? Place different exercises or activities inside of eggs and hide them around your house. Each time they find an egg, they will find an activity inside to complete before they find the next egg! Here are some easy ones: bunny hops, jumping jacks, frog hops, somersaults, burpees, steps backwards or sideways, push-ups. You can determine the amount of each depending on the age of your children.   

Easter Egg Towers

Instead of counting the number of eggs to see who found the most, have them get creative to see who can build the tallest egg tower. Use the halves of the eggs to stack them onto one another. This teaches them the importance of a good foundation, support and design.

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