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Mom’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. Going Beyond the New Socks & Tie

June 10, 2019

Mom’s Father’s Day Gift Guide. Going Beyond the New Socks & Tie

Whereas there are many special moments that father’s share, there are few moments as life changing as a father welcoming his very first child into the world. Celebrating his inaugural Father’s Day is very special and worth celebrating, even though he may insist that having a healthy baby is the only gift that he needs. Showing your new dad how much he means to you and his evolving family on Father’s Day is very important. Knowing that this task can be a little hard in the beginning, as a lot of men can be very hard to shop for – we’ve created a gift guide just to help make Father’s Day special!

Show Dad How It Feels to be Pampered

As you might have already figured out -- bringing home a new baby is extremely stressful on both parents. Give your new dad a gift that will allow him to pamper himself, instead of “pampering” the baby. Trust us, even guys who generally dislike spa-like gifts can find comfort in a gift basket or collection of his favorite soaps, shaving cream, lotions and colognes! If you want to take it up a notch, you may want to search to see if your area has a local men’s spa in which he can spend the day.

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit | Includes 8 Items: Safety Razor, Badger Hair Brush, Shave Stand, Canvas & Leather Dopp Kit, Alum Block, Shave Soap, Stainless Steel Bowl and Astra Razor Blades

Give Him Peace of Mind

Dads can have a heightened sense of wanting to ensure that his family is safe at all costs – especially when he is not around. Give him the gift of an Invidyo Baby Monitor which will allow him to not only monitor your new baby and home, but also allow him to catch up on moments that he may have missed using the smile detection feature or daily summary video. Invidyo allows you to access the monitor at any time using your mobile device and includes features that every dad will find useful such as smart face detection, stranger alerts, room temperature detection and many more! And it won’t break the bank as it’s only $149.99!

Invidyo Baby Monitor

Put Together a Book Full of Memories

Let’s face it, sensitive or not, images are great ways to illustrate just how much you love him. You take this illustration to a new level of appreciation when you show captured moments of dad and his new bundle of joy, in the form of an album. This will also remind your new dad about how far he's come as a man, partner and dad. The greatest thing is that every year—and with every child (too soon?) —you get to keep filling the book up with great memories!

Schedule Time for Just the Two of You

You have a new infant in the house, meaning that the last time your new dad has relaxed for a meal or stole a few hours of a date night – has most likely been some time. While Father's Day is about celebrating your family, it's also about celebrating the guy who works hard for his family. He may want to have some bourbon and watch the end of the game, maybe he wants to go on a nice hike now that is summer. Whatever he wants, let him have his day.

Image result for couple hiking
If All Else Fails, Make Sure He Knows He Is Appreciated

Writing your new dad a nice card expressing how much you care for him and the love that he has for his new baby, can really go a long way! Make sure that it is heartfelt and expressing to him that even though he may not need any materialistic gift to show your appreciation, he can always have your hand-written note in a nice card if ever he feels in doubt of how much he is loved! You can customize this a little more by adding baby’s finger prints or even adding a special picture!Image result for fathers day note

Whatever you do, just make sure that you keep it special for your new Dad and don’t let him talk you out of it! Big or small, a little effort can go a long way on Father’s Day!

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