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Raising a Leo Baby

August 05, 2020

Raising a Leo Baby

Are you raising a Leo baby? Leo babies are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. Leo children are known to be the most dramatic of all the signs, but they’re also the most generous.

You little Leo is probably cheerful, fearless and confident, as they have huge lion-sized hearts and are natural born leaders.

Leo children have lots of energy to burn and are known to be very chatty. So keep them busy and entertained during the day if you want them to sleep at night! Your little Leo may like to be the boss and center of attention at all times, but they’ll also go out of their way to help their friends and loved ones (and you’ll certainly hear them roar if someone harms their friend!). That stubborn streak (hello tantrums!) is offset by their powerful and loving hugs – which they cannot get enough of and will dispense freely.

For the most part, Leo babies are generally known as an “easier” baby (lucky you!). Born with a natural independence, they are usually happy to be explore on their own and not need you to entertain them all the time.

The Bazzle Baby Infinity Scarf Bib will keep your little Leo in style and help to catch every drop of dribble so you can let them continue to explore by cutting down interruptions with outfit changes!

  • 100% double-layer cotton
  • Snap closure to make dressing and undressing a breeze!
  • Fashionable alternative to traditional drool bibs
  • Machine washable

You are one lucky parent to be raising an independent and generous Leo baby! 

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