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Starting Daycare: Packing for Baby

January 22, 2020

Starting Daycare: Packing for Baby


For many parents, it seems as though you were just packing your hospital bag and waiting patiently (or impatiently) for baby to arrive. Time seems to have flown by and now it’s time to go back to work.

Returning to work and putting your baby into daycare can be an emotionally challenging time. Whether you are a new mom taking baby to daycare for the first time, or sending your fourth child, the transition is much easier when you have all of baby’s essentials ready ahead of time.

Bottles/Baby Food

The number of bottles needed depends on the age of your baby and we recommend packing at least 1 additional bottle just in case. You will need to label bottles with your child’s name and date. There are different reusable options to help you save time on labeling each week that are made to stretch and fit snug around bottles, sippy cups, and snack containers.


I’m sure you are aware of this by now, but babies can be messy! Whether it’s a feeding bib or a bib for your teething drooler, clothes will get wet without the right bib. To cut down on outfit changes and to keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day, you will want to pack these each week.

Bazzlebaby Product Spotlight

The Bazzlebaby GoBib is the perfect accessory for your toddler on-the-go! This innovative bib has a built-in bag for containing messes; just flip it inside out and you're ready to go!
  • Clips or hangs on stroller, diaper bag or lunchbox
  • Soak proof and easy to wipe clean
  • Large pocket to catch messes
  • Folds into itself for easy portability
  • Reusable/machine washable

Burp Cloth

Burp cloths are another feeding essential! Check to see if your daycare provider requires you to bring your own and make sure to label those too.

Bazzlebaby Product Spotlight

Burp Cloth Pocket Burper

The Bazzlebaby Pocket Burper pulls moisture away from baby’s sensitive skin and catches drool before it runs down your back!

  • Extra-long design makes sure you are covered from front to back.
  • Super-soft fleece backing won’t let moisture soak through to get clothes wet.
  • Machine washable and very durable - can be washed again and again!

Sippy Cup

If your baby has started transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup, we always recommend keeping at least 2 of these labeled and in your baby bag or cubby at daycare.   

Pacifier & Favorite Blanket or Toy

What helps soothe your baby? Whether it’s a pacifier or a security blanket, you will want to make sure to pack it! It’s not just a transition for you but a transition for baby as well. Pack these items daily to help with a pleasant daycare transition. 

Bazzlebaby Product Spotlight

    With the Bazzlebaby PaciLoop you don't have to worry about baby dropping their pacifier or lovey! The loop at the end holds pacifiers, toys, or anything your little one can't live without, and the other end clips to bibs, onesies, and clothing collars.

    • Strong metal clip won't slip
    • Universal loop-style fastener
    • Fits all styles of pacifiers
    • Hand washable

    Extra Clothing and Shoes

    Like we said before, babies can be messy! Daycares typically ask that parents leave at least 2-3 changes of clothes and an extra pair of shoes (& don’t forget the socks!). Your baby will be sent home with any dirty clothes, so you know when their extra outfits need to be replenished.


    If the daycare does not provide diapers or if your child requires a specific brand, you should leave a pack of diapers and make sure to replenish them when notified they are running low. Make sure to label these with your child’s name.  


    Just like diapers, know if you will need to provide them and make sure to keep them replenished!

    Diaper Cream

    Most daycares will only use this when needed but require you to provide your own since you know what’s best for baby. Clearly label diaper cream with name and expiration date and make sure the teachers know where to find it.

    TIP: Make sure you are aware of the daycares policy on what is provided and what you can and cannot bring. Most daycares will have specific labeling requirements for bottles, pacifiers, and clothing so make sure to read over the new parent paperwork.

    We hope this information helps with preparing for the transition into daycare. The first day will be hard, but it will get easier!


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