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The Woman Behind the Bazzle Baby Brand

March 08, 2020

Bazzle Baby CEO, Michaelene Cadiz

It’s International Women’s Day! A day to celebrate women’s achievements and increase the visibility of their success. We want to take this opportunity to highlight our very own Michaelene Cadiz, the CEO of Bazzle Baby. Michaelene is a fearless Hispanic entrepreneur who has built a company culture that encourages her team to do good, be great, and inspire others. 

The vision behind Bazzle Baby is to create stylish products that assist the busy, modern, working parent on a daily basis. The brand promotes equality and diversity throughout its e-commerce, social media and community outreach.  

Michaelene recently made the decision to move Bazzle Baby’s production to Suuchi Inc, a women and minority lead supply chain. Not only does this partnership support a common mission to grow and support other female-lead companies, it will also revolutionize the manufacturing industry by reducing turnaround times and allow Bazzle Baby to bring new styles and products to market quickly.   

Leading a team made predominately of women from diverse backgrounds, Michaelene empowers her team to make decisions that will bring value to partners, consumers, and the Bazzle Baby brand. Michaelene and her team are thankful for those who support their hard work and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue offering products that bring style and convenience to the modern family! 

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