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What breastfeeding accessories do I need?

August 04, 2020

What breastfeeding accessories do I need?

There are endless baby products and lists of things to buy when you are expecting so you may be wondering, what breastfeeding accessories do I need and which ones can I do without? To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the best breastfeeding accessories that we found most useful in helping us navigate this breastfeeding journey as first time moms.

First things first, a breastfeeding pillow is a must! It’s no surprise that giving birth to a tiny human can put a lot of stress on your body, especially your back. Getting a pillow or cushion that offers support for your back and arms will make it more comfortable for you and baby and allow your hands to be free to try different positions and make necessary adjustments to get baby to latch.

With breastfeeding comes sore or cracked nipples and leaking breast as your milk production tries to regulate to baby’s needs. Being prepared with a natural and organic nipple cream and washable or disposable disposable nursing pads will help make breastfeeding more comfortable and your shirts a little cleaner (minus the spit-up!)

If you plan to have a lot of visitors (because who doesn’t love a fresh baby!) you will probably want to be prepared with easy nursing tops, bras, dresses and an easy-to-use nursing cover. In the beginning you will need to feed on demand so having easy access without removing your entire top will eliminate extra work and having a nursing cover handy will make help keep you covered if that is more comfortable for you.   

The Bazzle Baby GoBlanket is super soft blanket has 4 integrated clips so you can attach it to any top or nursing bra of your choice. Plus, it doubles as we a stroller or carseat blanket that clips securely so will never have to worry about it becoming lost or dirty due to drops. Designed with a cotton designed front and a fuzzy fleece back to provide warmth and comfort for baby.

  • Features 4 integrated clips to attach to tops, strollers, car seats and more.
  • Soft cotton front
  • Fuzzy fleece backing
  • Machine washable 

Pro Tip: Don’t buy or register for a breast pump without trying your insurance first! You can see if you are eligible able to get breast pumps through insurance by providing your insurance coverage here. And make sure you learn how to use your pump and clean it ahead of time, preferably before baby is born!

In the beginning, breastfeeding can feel all-consuming. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by adding pumping in between breastfeeding sessions, we found that using a manual silicone breast pump on the breast that your child is not nursing on is a hassle-free way to save milk that might have been lost into your breast pads. They are so easy to use and are able to collect up to 4oz of milk at a time!

Another thing we didn’t expect was how thirsty and hungry breastfeeding makes you. If I didn’t have a bottle of water next to me while I was nursing, that meant it was time for my partner to wake up and get one! I took the big water jug they gave me in the hospital and kept that full in the baby’s room for nighttime feedings and another ready in the living room for daytime feedings. You are burning lots of calories so you will need to eat a lot! Keep healthy, easy-to-eat snacks available for a quick bite between nursing.  

The first few days and weeks are usually hectic, so it helps to be prepared. We hope these tips help make this experience enjoyable and it will get easier as you continue to bond and get into a routine. Just know that you got this, Mama!  

XO – Bazzle Baby Moms

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