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What is baby-lead weaning?

July 22, 2020

What is baby-lead weaning?

The baby-led weaning trend is continuing to grow in the United States. It’s a way to offer natural and family-friendly way of serving solid foods – and skipping the purees all together. Here is what you need to know about baby-led weaning to see if it’s right for you and your baby.

In a nutshell, baby-led weaning typically starts at about 6 months of age and teaching kids to feed themselves. It’s one of the first steps towards your little one learning how to be independent and develop their hand-eye coordination, chewing skills, and healthy eating habits. 

Benefits of baby-led weaning:

  • Allows baby to get familiar with different textures and flavors
  • Self-regulation: baby is in control of the amount of food they eat
  • Teaches them how to chew
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages family bonding by allowing them to dine with you
  • Saves parents time – no blending, freezing and defrosting homemade purees

Downsides to baby-led weaning:

  • It is very messy since it’s up to them to get the food into their mouths
  • Baby may gag or choke on foods since they are just developing their oral skills
  • They might not get enough iron since those foods are harder to chew on – ask your pediatrician about a supplement

First baby-led weaning foods:

  • Start with single-ingredient foods so you know if any cause food allergies
  • Soft foods: bananas and apples
  • Steamed vegetables & fruits: zucchini, broccoli, apples
  • Moist and shredded meats
  • Small pieces or poached fish and pastas
  • Food should be soft and easy to smash

The Bazzle Baby GoBib is perfect for easy clean-up after a messy baby-fed meal. It folds into itself to contain all the mess in a ball and can be easily wiped cleaned or washed. This is a time to enjoy watching your baby learn, so do what you can to make cleaning a little easier!

  • Folds into itself for easy clean-up
  • Clips or hangs on stroller, diaper bag or lunchbox
  • Soak-proof & easy to wipe clean
  • Large pocket to catch mess
  • Machine Washable

Baby-led weaning safety tips:

  • Never leave baby alone with food
  • Baby should always be sitting up while eating
  • Avoid hard foods like nuts, whole grapes, and cherries
  • Stay calm and allow them to navigate eating without added pressures

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