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The perfect travel companion, the GoBlanket is a multi-use blanket that features 4 integrated clips to securely fasten to car seats or strollers to avoid drops. It even doubles as a car seat or nursing cover!

  • 4 integrated clips to attach to any car seat or stroller
  • Doubles as a nursing cover
  • Soft cotton front and fuzzy fleece back
  • Machine washable
  • 35 x 16 x 0.25 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Brooke Matthews

This blanket is literally so genius. Especially for baby feet that love to kick blankets off and windy days! We use it in his car seat and stroller and it stays put the entire time. The material is so soft. The clips are nice and durable. It also makes a great baby shower gift that is unique and actually useful. 10/10 Definitely recommend.

Amazing cover

I love this idea for the car seat/stroller. I hate it when my blankets would fall down while walking even if we tuck it in real deep! This is perfect to cover my little babe and actually stay on with the clips.

Sarah Jayne
This is a game changer!

This item has been a game changer! I used to always drop blankets on the ground when out and about with my babe in carseat. This blanket clips on and stays in place. No more dropping!

Perfect idea

Such a good idea! The clips make this an absolute winner for me. No more blankets falling on the floor. No more tread marks from the tires rolling over the blanket when it falls to the floor! No more blankets kicked off and left behind in the road!

It’s just such a simple idea and so practical.

The blanket is self is really soft and perfect for what has been designed for.

Lovely blanket

This is a really lovely blanket with a bold modern design, it looks fantastic. It has clips on the blanket so that you can secure it onto your pushchair, car seat etc. This is a fantastic idea and it works perfectly - I wish they made adult size blankets like this with clips this as they’d be perfect for wheelchair users like myself.

The blanket is very good quality and it’s lovely and soft. It’s not overly thick, so it’s more suitable for spring or autumn than a freezing cold winter day. It’s a lovely blanket though, I love it.