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The perfect travel companion, the GoBlanket is a multi-use blanket that features 4 integrated clips to securely fasten to car seats or strollers to avoid drops. It even doubles as a car seat or nursing cover!

  • 4 integrated clips to attach to any car seat or stroller
  • Doubles as a nursing cover
  • Soft cotton front and fuzzy fleece back
  • Machine washable
  • 35 x 16 x 0.25 inches

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Perfect idea

Such a good idea! The clips make this an absolute winner for me. No more blankets falling on the floor. No more tread marks from the tires rolling over the blanket when it falls to the floor! No more blankets kicked off and left behind in the road!

It’s just such a simple idea and so practical.

The blanket is self is really soft and perfect for what has been designed for.

Lovely blanket

This is a really lovely blanket with a bold modern design, it looks fantastic. It has clips on the blanket so that you can secure it onto your pushchair, car seat etc. This is a fantastic idea and it works perfectly - I wish they made adult size blankets like this with clips this as they’d be perfect for wheelchair users like myself.

The blanket is very good quality and it’s lovely and soft. It’s not overly thick, so it’s more suitable for spring or autumn than a freezing cold winter day. It’s a lovely blanket though, I love it.

Soft, warm and secure

With a new grandchild just a few short months away the parents are looking to put together all the things they’ll need in preparation for the big day – a long list of which a baby blanket is one of the items. Offered for review under the Amazon Vine programme, this Bazzlebaby™ GoBlanket™ looked just the job to perform the vital task of keeping the newborn warm and comfortable when outside and susceptible to the cold and wind. The blanket measures approximately 90cm x 44cm, which I felt was a good size to provide all round cover. Featuring an attractive black and white concentric squares pattern on one side; that choice of neutral colours means it’s equally suitable for a boy or a girl.

The 100% cotton fabric appears practical from the perspective of keeping clean and sanitary whilst it’s also soft to the touch, which is important to give baby a sense of being comfortable. However soft the outside is however is nothing compared to the fully white underside which is rendered in a very comfortable 100% fleece polyester weave, akin in softness to a cotton wool ball or a cashmere sweater. It really does feel very comfortable and snug indeed, and as well as that softness it is quite a good thickness, just the thing to keep chills off an infant. It’s also pretty absorbent material, which is just the job with infants prone to drooling.

One of the issues with a standard blanket is that if the infant moves an arm or a leg can soon pop out from under the blanket and looses that warmth, which is a prime reason why an infant might start crying. If the infant is restless this soon becomes a tiresome repartition for the parents – no such issue here as this blanket features four metal clips – two each on top and bottom and sewn around 10cm from each corner – to aid retention of the blanket where it was initially positioned. They affix around the metal frame of a stroller, pushchair or car seat by pushing the metal clip through its associated loop, safely and securely holding the blanket in place. This is a feature I liked a lot as it means a restless infant will stay warm and hopefully be one less reason for them to start crying and require comforting. Practically not being able to drop the blanket on a wet or dirty floor or get it caught in pram wheels which could have picked up any kind of dirt from a pavement, and that means it will stay sanitary for a longer period too, which is a thoughtful feature. As well as being ideal for a stroller, pushchair or car seat the blanket can also be called upon as a nursing cover if baby is being breastfed outside, perfect for privacy. The blanket is machine washable, and with the choice of materials will come up clean after the range of food stuffs an infant is capable of throwing at it, which should ensure a long life.

At 19.99 this isn’t the cheapest baby blanket available but those innovative clips will save the hard-pressed parents having to suffer a few temper tantrums by eliminating the chances of the new baby kicking the blanket away and feeling cold as a result, sheltering them from the elements in the process. This feature justifies the price in my opinion. Avoiding contact with the floor should also mean that the blanket should require a little less washing too, which could be an issue if the infant becomes attached to it like a favorite security blanket, akin to Peanuts’ Linus van Pelt.

Tim and Wendy
Fits stroller

fits perfect in the graco stroller , made of high standard and is very comfortable and soft

Nice and comfy

Nice and warm blanket for outdoors. The clips can suit very well on the pram or toddler seat. It is not very big, it will be better if it can be a bit bigger.
I do like it is machine washable, in cold water.