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Coronavirus Cleaning Tips

March 26, 2020 1 Comment

Coronavirus Cleaning Tips

Most of us are staying at home, which is where we should be to help stop the spread of COVID-19. To reduce the risk of spreading infections and help your family stay safe, it’s important to continue to clean your home to remove germs, dirt, and other potential harmful contaminations from surfaces. 

This list includes home cleaning tips to help stop the spread of germs during the Coronavirus.

High-Touch Surfaces

It’s extremely important to clean and disinfect the high-trafficked areas daily. These typically include tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, toilets and sinks. You can use disinfectant wipes (if you can find them) diluted household bleach solutions, rubbing alcohol, or common EPA-registered household disinfectants. Wear gloves while cleaning and be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds afterwards.

Kids Toys

The simplest solution is to keep disinfecting wipes handy and wipe down surfaces after use or during naps. The washing machine can be used for hard plastic toys or stuffed animals if placed into a mesh laundry bag. You can soak toys in hydrogen peroxide or children cleaning solutions of your choice for about 15 minutes then rinse with water.

Is your little one a drooler? There are things you can do to keep germs and bacteria from spreading around your home to keep baby and family healthy. It’s important to try and contain and reduce germs & bacteria from spreading onto toys and other surfaces. Keep drool contained with bibs, teething toys, cloths and baby wipes.

Bazzle Baby Bandana Bib Teether catches drool and offers a bacteria-resistant teething pad for natural pain relief that is within arm’s reach for your little one. The BandoBib Infinity Scarf Bib is a fashionable accessory that sits close to baby’s chin to catch every little dribble and keep baby warm in cooler weather.

Keeping Office Supplies Clean

Most of us are working from home so we can’t forget to take time to disinfect your desk, laptop, mouse and phone.

We use our phones for everything, making them a bacteria breeding ground. Clean your phone after using it in public and avoid placing it on surfaces in public places. To clean, use alcohol disinfectant wipes. You should also take a few minutes to wipe down your keyboard, mouse and work space at the end of the day to avoid letting the germs sit overnight.

We thank you for staying home and taking the measures needed to stop the spread of germs. We wish you all stay safe and healthy. Please continue to look after yourself and the people around you.

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November 03, 2020

This was a great reminder to clean my kids toys! We take them everywhere. Thank you.

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